Friday, January 16, 2009

new slippers and sewing lessons

Esme got new cozy warm slippers...

cause you need that when it's 25 below.

We're in the Great North Woods, Grand Marais, MN to be exact spending a week with Grandma or Babka as Esme calls her. I'm getting sewing lessons and enjoying a few extra hands to help with Esme while we hibernate in this cold, cold weather.

Here's a sample of what I've been learning. We started where I think all people must start when they learn to sew, making an apron with gathers and a pocket and no pattern (I think we'll stop just over that next hill :)) A typical outing with my mother in law...

Apparently in sewing there is also a lot of ironing

the first few stitches...or preparing for them anyway

Yea! a pocket...isn't this great fabric?

A deer stopped by mid-lesson to snack on the berries out front

The of my favorite parts, and a little tricky if I do say so myself!

I'm especially proud of this little box I made with the x in the middle

I am sooo Donna Reed!

Luckily while I'm sewing there are grandma's (and a kitty) to entertain Esme

bath time with Babka

So that's us here in the freezing North...more to come on our adventures where all the women are strong the men are (what are the men?) and the children are above average...isn't that how it goes in Lake Wobegon?


  1. this post put a great big smile on my face, you all look like one big happy family........thanks for letting us in on your down time. Enjoy crafting!

  2. From Grandpa Ken; AKA Dad... shure is good to get to share the adventures of two of my favorite people. looks like a GREAT job of sewing. the part I enjoy the most is your commentary. I think you are such a good writer and love to read the things you say. Kisses and hugs to my Princess.

  3. Does Esme keep those cute slippers on? I got ENzo some slippers, too, but he takes them off almost immediately!

  4. CUTE!!
    The apron AND the baby. So much cuteness!

  5. Melissa --
    The slipper quest has been long and bumpy.
    Target sells slippers that are blue or pink striped and hard to get off but they've stopped putting non-slip stuff on the bottoms and they tend to slip down so that it's like trying to walk in clown shoes.
    Old Navy makes excellent fleece slippers that have velcro closures at the top. In my personal experience high-top style with velcro closure is the key (Esme hasn't figured out velcro yet...I'm not sure about Enzo.)
    These new slippers definitely stay on and they fit her like shoes which is great because even the Old Navy ones fit a bit wobbly sometimes. These new ones are some bizarre brand I've never heard of but are very similar to ones made by Minnetonka Moccasin which I'm sure you can find online.

    That is the end of my slipper diatribe.

  6. The men are good looking, as the Rev. certainly is! Good to see you having fun in the beautiful North- we miss you & Esme.
    Love, Bette

  7. Cute apron, looks like you guys are having a lot of fun, even in the very cold weather. I think one of these days I might take up sewing . . . when exactly I'm not sure. You'll have to let me know if it's worth it!

  8. i am in shock. where is the jennye i once knew? who is this new pastor's wife who bakes and sews with a baby on her hip? and who WRITES? it's too much!!!
    just kidding--it's great! i wish you lived nearer and we could be crafty together. or i wish you would make me an apron just like yours. you decide. :)
    p.s. plane tickets are cheap right now! come visit!

  9. I wish we lived close to each other as well...I may have to settle for working on that apron's ubercute huh?
    I was just tonight saying to Suzanne (ME's partner) how nice it is to be important to less people than I used to be.
    This is the new less important Jennye...she's a lot more fun :)
    really weird about the writing too huh? Oh just never know!
    oh just one more I literally was sewing with Esme wrapped onto the front of me...ahh teething. It was a bit too cliche' and didn't last long as it was very inconvenient...and now.
    Goodnight all!