Monday, March 29, 2010

rushing water

This time of year, the rivers come alive from the spring snow melt. They roar and kick up spray.
It's fun to walk up the trails and see the water running so hard, rushing on its way to the lake. As you go along the big lake you can see brown where the rivers come in.

Spring thaw is turbulent and wild. I have been thinking about that: how when I allow my emotions to thaw, I may find them a little wild and crazy, but that is what leads to growth--in new spring life and in growth in my depth of myself as a person,. That's what Easter is all about!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our Father

I hope you all can hear this better than I could on my computer.
Out of the blue Esme has just started saying the Lord's Prayer (as if we needed confirmation that she hears absolutely everything...)
Andrew got it on video as she said it before bed tonight.
Sorry about the buzz as Andrew's phone got an e mail in the middle, he says he can't help that he's so popular :)

So at church we also have this kid friendly mass kit that we use in Sunday School. It's everything a priest uses for mass...thurible, corporal, fake wafers, everything you can imagine. Anyway I just received an update that yesterday at playgroup Esme got out the mass kit, went around and gave communion to each child "the body of Christ, the bread of heaven...the body of Christ, the bread of heaven..." Even the Aidan the very Jewish child received his bread as he was swinging the thurible around the room.
That's my little evangelist :)
Have a great weekend!!