Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cowboy Boots and Abbreviations

Grandpa Ken sent Esme some new cowboy boots last week and they are definitely the most exciting thing since sliced bread!
I'm not going to lie I was a bit skeptical when I saw the the heels light up every time she takes a step...but in a bizarre twist, it's my favorite part. I can't get over how cute it is. Plus every time someone compliments her on her boots she does this great little dance to show them how they light up, it's really too cute!
Had he was also sending a hat I would have made sure he knew she has been blessed with an Ashcroft alas we will have to donate the hat to the dress up box at day care and the younger kids (or even the ones Esme's age with a normal sized head) can enjoy wearing the cute hat...

Esme has also been very into shortening words lately and I thought I better share a few of her favorite abbreviations from the past week... (Imagine a very reassuring know-it-all tone for all these statements)

"That's the kitty mom...sometimes I call her kid"

"It's so rainy, look at the puddles...I just call them pud"

"Babka are we going to watch Up? Is it time for the movie? I call it the move, let's watch the move!"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

daycare, wilderness & bubble beards...

Esme had her first day of day care today. Of course since I warned her day care provider (Lisa) of Esme’s extreme aversion to naps she started off her daycare career with a 2 hour plus nap including a glare/rollover at Lisa when she finally came in and turned on the light.

Some of you will not be shocked to learn that the little 2 year old boy who only has eyes for the most popular boy (Ray-Ray) had a, perhaps momentary, but shocking nonetheless, shift in loyalties when he spent a good portion of his day following Esme around. When I picked Esme up I said it’s time to say goodbye to your friends and she promptly responded, “I better give hugs and kisses!”

We did Ya Ya proud today when I picked Esme up early to take her to the pool for a “swim lesson”. I think I did alright for my first lesson, we did a lot of kicking with a kickboard and practiced big kicks / big arms over and over again. I think my favorite part was when Esme figured out she could get some momentum going by using her arms as a sort of gerbil wheel right in front of her, it looked hilarious but worked shockingly well!

Esme has also been spending quite a bit of time with her Babka, they went canoeing and have even written their own version of the wheels on the bus…the waves on the beach, we expect their first solid gold hit is already on it’s way!

Esme proudly pointed out the gold finch at the bird feeder this morning and saw her first two deer in the front yard this evening…she is truly becoming a wilderness explorer.

Esme has become quite the fan of the bubble beard and bubble hat during her nightly bath, everyone has to be called in to see her magnificent creations which she keeps on as long as possible.

You'll be glad to see Esme is still practicing her photography...

As well as working hard to ensure all those rocks finally make it back into the lake.

Lastly Esme exploring the labrynth on a rainy day...
We miss you all!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

sled dog puppies

I know I still owe you all the swimming videos I promised...this moving thing was perhaps a bit more intense than i realize... I have to get all the electronics up and running.
In the meantime, what could be better than a few puppy/baby pictures?

I'm sneaking in one little hiking pic to let you know we are doing something up here...

And now for the real fun...

Don't worry, we didn't bring any home :)