Saturday, May 1, 2010

sled dog puppies

I know I still owe you all the swimming videos I promised...this moving thing was perhaps a bit more intense than i realize... I have to get all the electronics up and running.
In the meantime, what could be better than a few puppy/baby pictures?

I'm sneaking in one little hiking pic to let you know we are doing something up here...

And now for the real fun...

Don't worry, we didn't bring any home :)


  1. So cute. Glad you guys made it safe. Best wishes as the new journey begins. I always forget you have short hair till I see your pictures. It's adorable.

  2. So cute! Are you sure you shouldn't bring some home? Francis needs siblings!

  3. hey, what a cute outfit she's wearing! :)

  4. Oh my goodness. Too cute!
    I am so grateful I got to see you and Esme this weekend and spend a little time catching up! Hopefully now that we are in the same state again there will be many more dinners! :) I absolutely love the "you should not drug" story!!