Sunday, July 27, 2008

everyday life

Esme is almost 8 months today and very much in the throes of teething.
If we couldn't tell by the melodramatic meltdowns that happen at the drop of a hat the excessive drooling would definitely give her away.
This weeks favorite interests are pulling herself up onto everything that stays in one place long enough; and cruising all around the living from couch to ottoman to bookshelf etc...
Favorite noises this week are dadadada, mamamama and a new one fafafafa.
We've also had a lot of fun this week playing with Isaac, born 5 days after Esme but already head and shoulders taller and beginning to be louder as well!
I posted a video of them playing with Francis below.
This is the first time in months we've been home all weekend and Esme managed a nearly two hour nap today while Andrew and I began packing up the study.
Esme also got her first taste of chocolate pudding today, thanks to daddy. Boy was it fun to watch those legs kick, she could not get enough!