Friday, October 16, 2009

it's the little things!

Esme went pee pee on her big girl potty....
she told me before she went,
we walked to the potty,
she told me there was peepee in the potty,
we poured it out in the toilet,
she got to flush (one of her favorite things),
she got M & M's (another one of her favorite things),

I think we may be on our way!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

about time!

This picture pretty much sums up how I feel these days...and it's pretty crazy to see Esme playing so hard that she exhausts herself by the end of the day as well.

I started back to work full time about a month ago and boy has it been full time!
I've been so busy I haven't had time to do anything and sadly blogging has fallen to the very bottom of the list.
It finally feels like my feet are back under me. I didn't go into work on my day off this past week (I mean the one aside from Sunday which isn't really a day off anyway) and I take that as a sign that there is light at the end of the tunnel, I'm getting things at my store under control and the 55ish hour weeks may be coming to an end. Hallelujah!!!

So anyway on to bigger and better things...
Even with me working full time we've been doing our best to fit in some fun things, mostly some fun here's a little bit about what we've been doing:

Grandpa Ernie and Grandma Bette came to visit at the beginning of September and we had a great time, they were hear for a wedding and we fit in some time playing and eating great food!
Auntie Anna and Uncle Steve came to hang out the same weekend and had a great time taking care of Esme while we all went to the wedding reception.

In August my best friend Sara, her partner Kathleen and their newborn baby girl Ingrid moved to New Jersey, only about and hour and a half from us. Esme and I took a Friday and drove up to the visit them, meet Ingrid, and make an unexpected trip to the beach. Esme loved the water and sand and had a wonderful afternoon. My favorite part was that every time a wave would come in the motion would throw off her balance so much that she would completely fall over, you could see her trying to figure out how to compensate for the motion but just end up completely baffled as to what she should do, hillarious!!
My other favorite part of the day was our trip to the ice cream shop.
As soon as we set foot inside Esme began insisting I give her pennies "pennies, pennies, pennies, pennies" repeated in an insistent, half whine, at every increasing decibels was her method of choice. As soon as I figured out she was asking me to give her pennies, something she's never done before, I fished one out of my wallet. Esme walked over to the ice cream case and raised her hand as high above her head as she could toward the woman working behind the counter, "here go lady" she said "ice cream". All three of us laughed so hard as I reassured her it was only our down payment and Esme went on to eat approximately two ice cream cones, good thing I had a few more pennies.

Esme insisting to Sara that she doesn't need help in the water

A happier moment!

Too much ice cream, sun, and waves = a peaceful ride home for Mama!

We were lucky enough this past weekend to spend Sunday in Manhattan meeting up with Auntie Mary, Uncle Mike, and Auntie Becky Uncle Shawn and Cousin Cameron who were in town for a wedding. We all met up at Central Park and let the kids play at one of the playgrounds then we had dinner and took a spin on the ferris wheel inside Toys R Us at Times Square.
Of course I realized about an hour into our day that it had been approximately 77 pictures since I had downloaded them onto our computer and I ran out of room to take as usual there is a lack of pictures, but here are the couple I do have!

Playing with bubbles in Central Park
this bubble gun we bought on the sidewalk says
"I'm your lovely new friend take me home"

This picture cracks me up. Esme recently started into the phase where she insists on wearing only what she chooses. One Sunday for Church she insisted she must wear these green polka dotted bloomers paired with this blue striped shirt (the only redeeming factor here is that the shirt has green piping around the collar and sleeves) and the best part was that as soon as she got the clothes on her face lit up like a light bulb and she said "Purple shoes".
I mean really who wouldn't wear their purple shoes with this outfit?