Friday, March 4, 2011

The Princess Ball

I finally got the pictures downloaded from our trip to the princess ball.
This was a fundraiser for childhood cancer that we attended. My mother-in-law's retreat center donated a mother daughter canoe trip as the grand prize so we got to be there to draw the winning name.

Luckily there is no photographic evidence of my lack of shoes, I'm telling you wool socks are totally the next thing in princess wear....

 The Princess Eats:

A sampling of what photos look like when Esme takes them:

Sure, this one she gets right on:

The two princesses (I'm not really sure why one of us looks a little grumpy...):

This next pictures was far and away Esme's favorite part of the day.
Three Ballerina's came from the Minnesota Ballet and danced for all the little girls. Esme sat right on the floor in the front row and I thought she might explode from sheer excitement. I really didn't think she could get any more excited when all of a sudden they started dancing to "Some Day my Prince Will Come". Esme LOOOVES Sleeping Beauty.  I honestly thought she might possibly shoot through the roof with excitement when she turned around to me and said "MAma...(it was half whispered she was so excited) They're dancing to Princess Aurora's song!"
Here's our little princess ballerina so excited (can't you see the excitement?) to be posing with the real thing.

The whole day was so fun and exciting that Esme fell asleep exactly two blocks away from the ballroom and slept the entire 2+ hours home.
It's good to be a princess!