Friday, January 30, 2009

I've always been very socially awkward about breaking into new communities. I don't know what it is because I'm a very outgoing person, people generally like me, I don't look too funny. I just feel really nervous that I won't know what to say or do, unless I'm in charge or have a very specific role to play I don't feel as comfortable at social events.
So anyway, I was very excited to get an e mail that my favorite local fabric store spool was having their first ever stitch party tonight... "a new monthly get together where we can show & tell about our projects, meet other talented crafters, and party!"
What perfect timing I thought... I've been going into this store since we moved here longing to learn how to sew, I sent (forced) Andrew to go there to buy my christmas present... now I finally have something to show for all my longing... I'll meet people who are even better at what I want to do, cool people I want to be friends with who will immediately accept me because of what my family has dubbed my sewing genius... Okay I may have pinpointed all my problems being socially awkward right in that one sentence.

Of course I was disappointed... I only got to talk to two people (about Esme's adorable sparkly shoes and when I spilled my wine on her baby... boy do I sound more dorky by the moment or what?) The problem of course is that I build these things up in my head... What I need to walk away with is the lesson that I should really stop doing that.

I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it people like me...

Okay, so here is some cool inspiration I got while I was there... redemption... redemption...

I thought these bunnies cut out of fabric were so cute...I could do that...

I also loved these bunnies and the circle of fabric with straight lines machine stitched through them...super cute!


  1. Jennye! You are not socially awkward and people do like you because you are a really cool person!
    Love, Bette
    ps: you do look kinda funny though

  2. i would be your really cool crafty friend if i met you at a sewing party! but really, you spilled wine on a baby?? talk about uncool. :)
    i miss you! i wish we could have a crafty getaway together. with our babies available to us when they're cute but not nearby when they're cranky, demanding or poopy. how can we make this happpen?

  3. If you were really socially awkward, I wouldn't be over at your house so much...but you did forget to mention the spilling. P.S. dinner was super yummy tonight, you'll have to add your cooking genius soon.

  4. I wish I could hang out with you! I know so much about what you mean, though. I was actually just thinking about how I've finally gotten sort of settled into a group of friends (through lots of mommy groups, playgroups, and LLL type meetings) and am very happy with them, but soon those social circles will be very affected by kids and school and we may have to begin again! It's hard for a while until you can relax and know for sure that people like you and love you!

    Do you think it would help to join some sort of playgroup or something? I know that Waldorf programs have great playtime for babies, but they encourage parents to socialize and work on sewing or knitting while the kids play.

  5. Jennye, if anyone is socially awkward it's me! I think you're great, and anyone who has just met you thinks you're great.

    By the way, did you make those bunny pics? They're really cool! Keep up the sewing, I can't wait to see what you've made when we come and visit (whenever that will be)!