Sunday, January 18, 2009

My little priest in training (poor child)

I'm still laughing...
today Esme and I went to Babka's church which is just a little different than our church where we go every Sunday.
Everything in the North woods is a bit more laid back and church is no exception...needless to say the procession is two people (still wearing their mukluks), there is no chanting, the gospel was read from the same pulpit as the other readings and the sermon was preached from the very same pulpit (GASP!!)
So today while her Babka was preparing the communion (there's probably some techincal term for this that I just don't know) Esme must have noticed that something was sorely missing from this church experience.
She grabbed a prayer book and opened it about half way so that she could comfortably hold it in her hands...she put it up in front of her face and walked to the front of the church, to the middle of the aisle...all of this while singing mind you.
At this point I thought the book was (in her mind) a hymnal and she was just singing.
As soon as she got to the front she turned, lowered the book a bit, stopped singing, and just held the book there in front of her face.
At this point it hit me...
Esme was chanting the gospel!

This child watches everything...she will be a boat bearer sooner than we think.


  1. Totally warms my heart. I can't wait till she's a boat-bearer.