Friday, January 30, 2009

jabber and projects

I've been talking with a few people lately about how Esme has been experimenting with "sentences". I was actually recently talking to my friend Julie whose son Isaac is five days younger than Esme and she was describing his recent jabber as "the experimentation of rhythm and cadence" which I thought was perfect.
Here's a video of Esme doing some experimentation as well as working on those fine motor skills fitting her buckles together on a high chair.

I'm very excited about a few things that I've done this of course I better share :)
I put learn how to make yogurt on my "to do" list with a bit of skepticism at my ability to do so...but I one upped myself I made yogurt and granola this week and I don't think I did too bad for my first yogurt attempt and second granola attempt. The yogurt is less runny than Andrew's always was, which is exactly what I was hoping for and the granola is pretty good; just needs a little more honey (or maple syrup as my sister suggested). All of it is however, edible which is enough for me :)

I also bought some material for two projects I'm going to get done ASAP.
Here's a picture of the beautiful fabric...although I can't share any more details other than to say Cameron and Isla I'm so excited about what's headed your way!!


  1. oohh!! isla is very excited. and so is her mama. i love the birds especially! unless maybe those are for cameron...

  2. Cameron as in my Cameron?!?! You're such a susie homemaker, I'm excited to see what your next projects are.