Saturday, December 20, 2008

I've definitely been a delinquent blogger of late, I would like to blame this on many factors

  1. Being the "Mrs. Reverend Ashcroft" (weird) seems to have one or two demands around the holidays
  2. I've been doing a ton of baking
  3. I've been doing some Christmas present making
  4. Esme's been teething and thus not sleeping, thus not allowing mom any baby free time
  5. I've not felt like I've had much to say's what I have to share:
The other day I made these great peppermint sandwich cookies, another foray into the wild world cooking. I think they came out pretty good for the most part the two big things my insane days of baking taught me are double check for all the ingredients before you begin and roll the dough thinner than you think you need to. I think the second would have made these cookies even's a pictoral of my adventures in peppermint sandwich cookies...

Bake the cookies (sugar cookies)

melt chocolate chips and add peppermint extract

sandwich the chocolate between two cookies

crush the candy canes (definitely a good stress reliever)


My other big project, that I can share right now is that I decorated my house, I'm quite proud becuase I made the wreaths myself which is definitely a big accomplishment. My sister directed me to Martha Stewarts website for an idea of how to hang them on my front door. This was my favorite part as she says something along the lines of "use your u clips to..." then "nail three holes in the door..."
Not only do I have no clue what a u clip is I'm thinking my landlord would not be a fan of three holes nailed in my front door...needless to say mine is not quite as pretty as Martha Stewart's but I think I still did a pretty damn good job!

No blog post would be complete without a few pictures of she is adoring and kissing the animals at the churches creche' fifty monopoly bucks if you can guess who dressed Esme this morning :)


  1. Jennye your decor is beautiful and those cookies look yummy! My guess is Andrew on the outfit! Do I win?

  2. wish we could (in person) enjoy your yummy looking cookies. What i would give to knock on that inviting front door. You rock!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes Becky -- You win...I love seeing her wander around in public in socks and her pajamas :) I guess she should just enjoy it while she's young huh? Your monopoly money is on it's way!

  4. It all looks wonderful, Jennye, and Esme is still young enough that she can get away with roaming Philly in her PJs... Miss you guys, and those cookies look delicious!!!

  5. I also wish that I could enjoy those cookies in person, but I guess I'll have to hope you hide one away for me till next year. I just have to tell you I miss you and Esme so much!