Thursday, June 4, 2009

The daily show

Sorry for the quiet spell everyone.
It seems like the drama here never dies down and I've been a bit overwhelmed by a number of things lately.
I've had a sinus infection/infection of some sort (?) for almost a month now that has been kicking my butt...a week and a half of Amoxicilan has finally started to clear my head a little bit and the past week is the first of the last three that I haven't been napping with Esme every day.
Esme seems to be done cutting her one year molars and is settling back into being a happier little girl.
We've started a playgroup that meets at our church every Thursday afternoon and it's growing and starting to be a fun way to meet some other kids (and moms/nannies).
Esme is still learning a couple words a day it seems. Her favorites right now are "knock, knock", "look", "hello" and "Shawn".
Esme seems to have her first crush on Andrew's boss Sean. She talks about him all the time, out of the blue and when she expects to see him. If we walk by the church she says "da-da", "Shaw".
The other day we were headed home and we were discussing who would be at home to meet us when we got there. Esme said "Dude", I said "who else", Esme said "Clare", I said "who else do you think will be at home?" Esme said "Bax" (this is what she calls Sean's dog Baxter). I said "Baxter doesn't live at our house, who does Baxter live with?" With a big grin she immediately said "Shaw".
Esme also told her first joke this last weekend. We were riding back from Mass at our Mission Parish St. James the Less and Esme was sitting in her car seat knocking on her shoe and saying "knock, knock" "knock, knock" I said "who's there?" and Esme said "toe" than started laughing...of course everyone else in the car started laughing even harder so she spent the rest of the trip home knocking on her shoe and saying "knock, knock toe" "knock, knock, toe" and giggling away.

Esme also put her shoes on completely by herself for the first time yesterday. She has been obsessed with taking shoes off and on since she was at least one but yesterday was the first time that in response to hearing we were going bye-bye she picked out two of the same shoes, sat down and put them both on. The best part was that they were totally on the wrong feet. Since I knew she would just be riding in her stroller the whole time I left them that way...we all have to start somewhere right?

I think the only other new news from our house is that Clare cut her paw on a piece of glass over the weekend so she's wearing a big E-collar to keep her from licking her stitches so now every time Esme sees her she says "hat".

Blessings to our friend Anne Lane who was here visiting over the weekend and weathered the chaos of Esme's Saturday night, I've been up too long today without a nap, meltdown happening at exactly the same time Clare cut her paw. It was a long hour or so until we got everyone situated.

Andrew just got a new phone with a much better camera than his old one, so I've attached some of the great pictures he's been taking of Esme, it's nice to have a new photographer around!

A sleeping Esme supported by Patches the nigh-nigh friend
(I'm sure you will not be surprised to her Patches was Esme's Christmas gift
from Sean and sleeps with her every night.)

The main Facebook consensus from this photo was that we should neither keep Esme frozen,
as the box suggests, nor should we ship her anywhere. I think we will heed that advice.
Thank goodness our parenting is a community endeavor!

I have to say that personally this smile coupled with the t-shirt is almost too much!

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  1. Sorry to hear you haven't felt good. It sounds like Esme is learning so much each day. . . I love that she has her first crush too!