Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Learning and some fun pics

I've been amazed lately by Esme's language acquisition. Every day I hear her say a new word that I didn't even know she knew.
Today when her babysitter Sara (otherwise known as YaYa) was leaving she sad "See you later alligator" to which Esme promptly responded cahc-cahc (obviously crocodile :))

When her Godmother Kit was here she spent the whole day teaching Esme to say "Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your booty". I just walked into the bathroom the other day in time to hear Esme, shaking a hotel size shampoo bottle, say "shake, shake, shake, boo, boo"

Ya Ya has been working on letters with Esme and Andrew has been working on numbers (my focus is shopping just in case I was sounding delinquent for a moment) so the other day over lunch Andrew said "1" and Esme said "2" (which is her favorite of all numbers), Andrew said "3" and Esme said "4", Andrew said "5" and as my jaw started to drop Esme said "6", Andrew said "7" and Esme said "B"...we'll keep working :)

Another new favorite pastime is cuddling...she'll throw her arm over my shoulder, give me a bear hug, and say "cu".
I'm still waiting for the second syllable to kick in but it is amazing to see her pride when she uses a new word and her joy for learning!

Esme and Ya Ya all ready for their girls night in!

Esme's been very into hat's lately...
here she is all ready to go bye bye with her hat hat

Sara helped me build Esme's new trike and we thought we'd take it for a spin
Now that the rain is gone I'll be sure to get a picture of Esme on her trike.

Andrew and I ready to go out to the Spring Orpheus Club Concert

Ready for her own hot date!
I didn't realize that Esme found my lipstick today...
Not bad for her first try I think, we'll still hold off a few years though.


  1. We've got that same trike. Harrison is beyond delighted with the bell on it. I did the same thing...I had to try it out too.

  2. Esme, eat the lipstick! Yum! No, wait, ick! I love these pictures- isn't the internet awesome?
    Love G. B.

  3. Such a smarty - except the 'b' part, but she's getting it. And that lipstick is very nice . . .

  4. Let me assure you all Esme did eat some lipstick...luckily it's Aveda so seems all naturally organic and the like :)
    Also I think the "B" just proves she's a smarty pants!