Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The grand finale

Our trip ended in Arizona with two weeks visiting my sister.
I know you all have heard plenty about Esme's illness while we were there so I just wanted to share some of the actual fun things we did, and pass along some pictures:

We got to see my Dad's sister Aunt Loretta for the first time in a few years and she met Esme (and Cameron) for the first time.
You can also see my dad in this picture, turns out we didn't do such a great job getting pictures of him!

We ate breakfast one morning at the Wild Horse Cafe where Esme was obsessed with the Ozhos

This may have been the end of a long hot day for everyone but boy does Ahma/Grandma look happy!

Esme & Cameron's first baseball game
accompanied by Uncle Art (U-ya) Auntie Melanie (Ah-Ma) Shawn, Becky & Mama
Please note the new Orla Kiely bag, my super exciting $40 Last Chance find!!

One more happy sunshiney baseball picture

On day two of Esme's illness when she actually seemed better and coincidentally the one day that I was sick. Everyone went to the Renaissance Festival, Esme has been in a Elephant phase so here's everyone checking out the "Ella's"

My brother in law expressed his regret that he did not manage to get a picture of me throwing up in one of the festival garbage cans, which is sort of amusing since in the hour and bit I spent inside the festival I think I did manage to hit just about every one they had...I think the world can live without that picture though :)

A dubious Esme getting a foot rub from Auntie Melanie...wait who's been in the stroller all day here?

Here's Esme in her renaissance outfit

We had a great time swimming in Grandpa's pool

The cousins first meeting, Cameron seems a bit more sure than Esme

Esme came around though as she was soon willing to share her chair

All tired out after her first day at the ball park
(if you ask her what they're doing on the field she says 'ball')

This is my very favorite 'save until she's 16 and has a first boyfriend' blackmail photo.
Her little (and by little I mean big) belly is tooo cute!

Okay...I feel a lot of pressure relieved now that you all finally know about this trip, we can move on! Are you all as glad as I am?


  1. These are all great photos!! I also love the bathing suit photo, buddha belly!

  2. Those are some great photos. Even with being sick it looks like everyone had a good time. I love the bikini and the belly!

  3. what a great belly! she is seriously too cute. what a perfect mix of you and andrew. and suddenly she seems so tall!!

    who's the fancy bag designer? noah is really into bags right now too. and shoes. actually... i'm seeing quite a few similarities between you and him...

  4. You'll have to check out her website, http://www.orlakiely.com/usa/ she is great and I've been obsessing about one of her way too expensive bags for months. Tell Noah he is a boy after my own heart...nothing better than bags and shoes :)