Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The next phase

I am confident that one thing will soon become clear to all of you and so I'm just going to fess up right off the batt...Esme has four Godmothers!! I've come clean I've said it...there were too many wonderful women in our lives to choose from.
Perhaps it's my own lack of Godparents coupled with all the amazing stand in mothers I've had over the years but, in retrospect I'm as thrilled as I could be that this strong willed young girl will grow up surrounded by such a wonderful, diverse group of role-models! Not that they wouldn't be there anyway but we just wanted to make sure ;)
Personally I also think it's hillarious that she also has 1 Godfather and when I think about him, in my head he is always The Godfather (you know there's this Italian, jersey voice that says it like in the movie)...anyway all this to say that in one short week Esme saw all four of her Godmothers, who incidentally live in four different states pretty much covering the four corners of the country.
You already saw the pictures of Amy (from Chicago) and Sara (from Denver).
Next we went to Emily's ordination to the Priesthood in Louisville, this also incidentally was my first time in Louisville and it was pretty exciting to me to visit a city I've never been to, that doesn't happen to me very often anymore!
Emily, and Esme's fourth Godmother Kit were both at General Seminary in New York while we were there for Andrew's last year. On more than one occasion confused fellow students had to ask Andrew or I exactly how many people lived in our apartment as Kit and Emily pretty much had their own keys and acted as live-in nannies/dog love givers/sanity providers (like the night the three of us did baby yoga with Esme while drinking our chocolate martini's, but that's totally a different story). Kit and Emily were there for most of my labor, Emily kept Francis for the first few weeks we were home, when he was convinced we had brought home a small woodland creature that he should be playing with.
Anyway, we went to Emily's beautiful ordination in Louisville and enjoyed 3 beautiful days playing at the park, relaxing, walking around Emily's neighborhood, eating caramel frosted upside down cupcakes from the pie kitchen (best thing ever and not to be missed if you find yourself in Louisville). Most importantly we finally go to meet Chloe, Emily's dog (who is much better behaved than our two monsters) and Esme and I got to present Emily for her ordination, along with other friends and family and were very proud to be there and support her. Calvary is a lucky church to have her and it was great to see a slice of her life.
From there it was on to Phoenix which definitely requires a post of it's own so more to come tomorrow!
Esme is getting better and better at the slide

Sharing a little laugh

A little dance

A little dip

Esme and Emily after their little dance

Our future with Esme as simply a blur upon the church carpet

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  1. She looks beautiful in that dress . . . and the at least she's an adorable blur on the carpet@