Thursday, April 23, 2009

Funny little Esme

A Bubble Crown

I've got the next segment of our travels ready to post I'm just waiting for some pictures from friends as I am almost as delinquent in picture taking as I am in blogging.

So I thought I'd get us through the down time by relaying my favorite new Esme doings.

  • Often lately Esme will pick up a book go sit down and commence saying "do do do do do do do" as she turns through the pages. (This sometimes make me think perhaps I sound like the grownups on Peanuts when I'm reading to her but it is too cute!)
  • A few nights ago as we got ready for bed I set Esme down on the bed and said "lets read our nigh nigh books", while I went and turned off the overhead light she grabbed the book we always read first, opened it emphatically in her lap and said Oh-Kay!
  • We've been practicing counting by starting to count the "three little bears sitting in chairs" when we read Goodnight Moon every night. Every time we get to that page I point to the bears individually and say "One, Two, Three" then Esme points to each of the bears and says "Two, Two, Two".
  • Sara our babysitter reported that yesterday when they were out for a walk Esme saw a tractor coming toward them from a work site, she proceeded to make kissing noises for the full two minutes it took for the tractor to pass them and turn the corner, this is a love affair I never would have anticipated.
  • Ever since Esme learned how easy it was to say her Auntie Anna's name (back in January) she has been insistent on repeating that name as often as possible. Anyone with brown hair is Anna, anyone who's name starts with "A" is Anna, when I do something she doesn't like she screams out "Anna" (as if she will rush in and save her). Esme is intent on repeating every word we say and learns 2-3 new words a day, the one word she will not repeat no matter how hard we try? Her name...every time we try, no matter who tries, she insists on calling herself Anna! She even says it with that I know I'm doing what I want, not what you want glimmer in her eye as she looks so proud!

Mmm...Mashed Potatoes!


  1. O how we miss each and ever delightful and unexpected surprises, when spending some time with our princess Esme! I miss youXXXOOO

  2. I am the proudest Auntie in the world right now!

  3. it was fun to look at this picture more closely and see the golfish in a tupperware, the runaway bunny book and a plastic easter egg. now i get a better sense of what this outing involved!