Tuesday, June 9, 2009

two little words

Those of you who have to listen to me complain about the minutiae of my day to day life know that I have been dying for Esme to get beyond one syllable words and to start putting words together.
I know I'm a demanding mother with high expectations...but she knows so many words and she repeats them over and over again all the time...why can't she just put two of them together already?

And today (duh-duh-duh-duh, drum roll please) she did!!!
Esme's first two letter phrase "My - Phone"
So I'm thinking maybe we could have waited a little longer...I mean really did that have to be her first declarative statement?
I did feel somewhat redeemed as a parent when after dinner I got her to follow it up with "open - please"
And now I'm living in the constant hope that my world may begin to move on from that broken record like monotony of one single syllable repeated over an over again for what feels like hours at a time all day long.

"more - more - more - more - more - more - more - more - more - more"
"mama - mama - mama - mama - mama - mama - mama - mama - mama"
"key - key - key - key - key - key - key - key - key - key - key - key - key - key"
"A-door - A-door - A-door - A-door - A-door - A-door - A-door - A-door - A-door"

See...you're ready for a second word too huh?

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  1. Doesn't 'a door' count as two words!?!? Such high expectations you have!?!? Kidding. . . They grow so fast and are so much fun. I'm waiting for the words to come out that might actually mean something. I think he knows what ma ma and da da are, but then he uses da da as a general daily statement as well!