Sunday, March 1, 2009

a brief update

It's been too long.
I realize when I get too busy I forget to have something to say.
And we've been busy, just with normal life.
Trying to get into a nap and bedtime schedule.
This week there were two church events during the week for Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, which, while wonderful sort of threw a wrench in our works.
Esme is adding words like crazy, her favorite right now is "No" and she has recently learned the trick of throwing herself to the ground on her bottom when she doesn't want to do what I'm requesting...I thought we were still a long way from two but apparently not so far.
Part of our new bedtime routine is teethbrushing and I think she must ask 5-7 times a day for "tee" she loves brushing her teeth (boy did she not get that from her mama :))
Esme just got her own little poang from ikea (it is soo cute) and she loves sitting in her chair with her baby watching Word World (I love it too!)
Here are some pictures of nothing particularly important...just life.

Esme and her "hat hat hat" (always said in a whisper)

Esme and Baby

Andrew and I dressed up for a formal Valentines Day event

A sneak peek at Isla's present (which I will someday mail)

An exhausted mama cuddling her first two babies

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  1. i am very excited about isla's present! it looks lovely.
    also, you look lovely in your valentine's dress. is that the fancy sexy dress you were telling me about?? i want a close-up!