Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All is Well

I wanted to give everyone a update on the lives of the weary travellers.
After our wonderful time in Louisville for Emily's beautiful ordination we flew to Phoenix to visit my sister.
Esme must have picked up a bug on the plane because she spent all day Saturday throwing up. She felt a little better on Sunday but started throwing everything up again on Sunday night.
By Monday morning I was worried enough to take her to Urgent Care where they kept her for four hours as she threw up every bit of liquid I could force down her throat. The fun part here is that my sister came to urgent care with us as well since this bug is highly contagious and Esme had gotten 5 out of the 7 adults in the house sick as well.
Since she couldn't produce any urine for Urgent Care to check her dehydration levels I had to take her to the Emergency Room.
Luckily they sent us to a really great hospital on the West Side of the valley where they have a Children's ER called Mendy's Place. The staff were great, the got an IV in Esme's arm which trust me was no small feat (one of our nurses was this small stout Latin American woman who kept saying "strong like bull"). Esme was a serious fighter and the other nurse thought it was hilarious that she could tell Esme was offended by her putting this thing into her arm.
We were only in the ER about three hours while they gave her anti-nausea medicine and fluids. They said she was only mildly dehydrated and that it was good I had caught it early.
The craziest thing is that as the day went on you could see these extremely dry patches of skin develop all over her body... by this morning they're all gone and she's on her way back to her happy self.
Everyone in the house is feeling well again thanks to their own anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea medicine and the best news of all is that little seventh month old Cameron was one of the two people untouched by this plague!

More pictures and much more fun new from our travels soon to come...I just wanted to get everyone an update.


  1. So glad to hear that Esme (and everyone else) is doing well again. When Harrison was about six months old he caught a horrible bug and it was terrifying. Probably more for us than for him. They had to do a blood draw and though it was rough to watch, I was very impressed with how strong my little boy was. It's pretty amazing to see how strong they can be when they are so sick.

  2. Tell everyone to keep up the good work of feeling better! I'm just glad to hear that things are turning around and that you are such a great mom to catch the dehydration early. See you all soon!

  3. what a tough little girl! i'm so glad to hear she's well now, and that you are too! looking forward to pictures from your travels. miss you!

  4. I'm so glad you two are ok! Jeff actually was the one who saw your facebook posting first. He asked Steve about it, who then asked me about it, then he called Andrew who told him everything was ok. He also told Steve Esme did a good job of telling the nurses to "Go!" Anyhow, we're both so glad you two are alright! Lots of love from Auntie Anna and Uncle Steh!

  5. Oh my goodness- I'm relieved that she's better!