Wednesday, December 8, 2010

forever and a day

Well...I know it's been forever since I've gotten my act together in the blogosphere....but here we are!

This move has been a bit more...everything...than I imagined.
A big adjustment to be apart as a family, and then back together again.
A big adjustment to move so many times -- have Esme move into her own bed and then into her own room for the very first time.
A big adjustment to leave the city
A big adjustment for me to have a job that has shifted so many times in so few months (leaving me a bit unsure of my abilities and self)
A big adjustment to have no tv or internet (although we still watch way too many netflix)

So it's been a lot. I think we're adjusting, I'm just not used to a slow adjustment, you know more of a jump in with both feet person so it feels kind of weird to still be finding my way and to feel so unsure about myself.

On the bright side Esme is adjusting hesitation there. She knows who she is (right down to the fact that she is "dying" for a princess gown for Christmas). She knows how valuable she is (evidenced by the church thanksgiving service where she announced to all she was thankful for herself). She has friends, is a good sharer, loves dance class, can't wait to go see the Nutcracker in two weeks, loves her new doll house -- almost as much as she loves her new Barbie (much to her father's chagrin).

Here's some photos of what we've been up to...birthdays, halloween and all that...enjoy!
and I promise I'll try to drop by more often!

PS if you have any good visit pics e mail me and I'll post them...I'm the worst picture taker EVER!!!!

Grandpa Ken's Visit (of which I'm hoping Grandpa Ken got better pictures)

Two cold swimmers

More presents...good thing she had help!

The super exciting new talking Dora Doll
(which we hear for at least 15 minutes every night at bed time!)

Esme's third birthday! (I know there are better pictures than these out there....share the love people :) )

My favorite present opening response:
breathless with excitement Esme says: "It's!!"
no sarcasm, all joy

Just to show Auntie Melanie the beautifully wrapped birthday presents :)

Raspberry Torte (or Raspberry Torrit as Esme insists on calling her)

All the little girls got princess crowns (even some of the big girls joined in)

Who doesn't want to run around in their swimsuit when it's snowing out?

Some State Fair Pics....Esme loved the rides!

The Swings

This was totally Esme's "are you sure we're doing okay here Auntie Shooz?" face
after an encouraging grin from me Auntie Shooz passed it on and Esme decided "the scary ride" was perhaps fun after all!Worlds largest corndog...don't worry she had help :)

Esme & Daddy on the Carousel

Two happy piggys in the dairy barn

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  1. Three already?! SO cute. Hope she likes the Nutcracker- we're going tomorrow!