Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Great North Woods

We've been visiting Andrew's Mom (Babka) and her partner Suzanne (Nana Coo) in Grand Marais, MN.

Esme's favorite pastime has been sitting on the shore of Lake Superior throwing rocks. She loves the splash when they hit the water, she loves dropping them down from on top of her head, she loves sneaking as close as she can to the water then scurying back when a little wave rolls in.

Esme could spend hours down at the water. When she gets up in the morning she waves hello to the "leak" and the moment she first saw the Lake on our drive up her she asked for a "dip, dip" (upon questioning I discovered that it was herself she wanted to dip, dip in the Lake).

We spent one afternoon (or an hour of it anyway) going on Esme's first canoe ride. She did a great job sitting still in the canoe. On our return trip she got a bit antsy and kept asking to touch, splash, and dip-dip. I had to explain that we can only touch, splash, and dip-dip in the water when we can see the bottom. Of course we immediately hit an oddly shallow patch pretty far from the shore and Esme had to point out to the lake and say "Bottom"...damn smart kid :}

Andrew's Mom makes fabulous bread so my goal for my time here was to learn how to bake bread. We've baked several loaves and Esme has been a great help she loves to stir and has even been making us stone soup in the living room every night.

We also spent one afternoon playing in the small waterfalls on the Kadunce River just North of Babka's house.

Pre-baby the family used to hike up the Kadunce and up the falls every summer. I think it may take another year or two before Esme can hike up the falls with us but she loved playing in the small falls and shallow pools.

she is definitely an explorer and wanted to walk right through the rushing water and loved her first slide down one of the shorter rock falls.

I let her go at the top and her dad caught her at the bottom, she thought it was great!

More to come as soon as I find a USB cable and can download our pictures!


  1. If you're still in GM there's a radioshack attached to one of the Gas Stations. I've bought audio cables there before.

    This is steve btw for some reason the name shows up as a character from a blogged d&d game. Which is probably the nerdiest thing ever.

  2. I was scrolling all the way down saying "who is Nessim?" half expecting some creepy FB stalker I never knew I had :) We're back in the cities so I think we can borrow one from your Dad & Bette now...Thanks!