Saturday, November 15, 2008

So today Esme and I were getting ready to leave the house to go run errands.

I went to the closet to get my coat and when I came back Esme was standing at the door with her new strawberry hat on inside out.
The whole image was so hilarious...that she knew we were leaving...that she thought to get her hat and that she put it on herself, something she's never done.
I ran for the camera and was able to sort of catch it.

Thanks Grandma for the first hat Esme likes!!

I also had to take a picture of her outfit today...I think it's cute. Someone gave us this little outfit, it's a fur collared, leopard print lined vest and the jeans have leopard print on the bottom too. I do admit that I think the jeans are a bit over the top and she'll probably never wear them again.

But overall I thought it was too cute with her little esme star onesie that jess made her.
Andrew hates it but maybe that just makes me think it's even cuter :)

So here are the promised pictures of the goat...the step up is a little high which is why Esme ends up on her knees...the next platform actually holding the goat statue is also at an angle which makes walking while touching the goat a dangerous (and nearly irresistable) proposal...

Last but not least here's how Esme helps with dinner at the end of the day:


  1. Does Andrew not like the outfit as a whole or just the onesie? cause I think the onesie is adorable!! I also think the heart story is great.

  2. Oh boy...Esme's dinner help looks familiar. Harrison is interested in dressing himself these days too. My favorite is when he "helps" to get his socks and booties on. When I start to put a sock on, he reaches over one of his booties and attempts to put it on (which means his bootie is on top of his foot). It's adorable.

  3. i didn't actually make that onesie, though it is very cute. mystery crafter, who are you??

  4. i thought you made all her cute home made onesies...maybe sara made that one?
    hmmm...I don't know!

  5. So cute! I've had to stop saying things to Atticus like, "Okay, in a few minutes, we're going to go outside for a walk!", because as soon as Enzo hears "outside", he's waiting at the door like a dog who wants to get his walk.

    I almost took a picture of Enzo today when I took a shower. He had dumped his snack all over the bathroom floor (fortunately I had just mopped it!) and was eating it right off the floor. As long as I get my shower in, I'm happy. (-:

    I get jealous of little girls' clothes, because I often want them for myself. BUt they don't fit.

  6. You know I found the one thing more tempting than clothes shopping (speaking of things that fit) fabric all fits!! now to learn how to sew :)

    Also I'm with you about the shower...and the eating off the floor really, builds immunity!