Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One more proud moment

I forgot to mention that last Friday night I made dinner for some guests we were having over.

I know how silly this sounds but I made probably the most complicated thing I've ever cooked, Shepherds Pie (I swear it's harder than it sounds).

After a few hours in the kitchen...cutting, sauteeing, mashing and baking

forcing an exhausted Esme to cry herself to sleep

and about four phone calls to Andrew's dad

Dinner was finally served...I had to take a picture of the final result and I was so proud when everyone asked for seconds!!!



  1. OOOH- Yummy! Can you post a recipe? ISn't it amazing how hard it is to do basic stuff w/ a little one?

  2. Oh- and about the Esme crying herself to sleep thing- if that's something you want to avoid- when I put Enzo in the sling w/ the white noise on and bounce him on the exercise ball (I know- it sounds like a lot of props), he goes to sleep in about 3 seconds, if he's ready to sleep. Then I just "wear him down". SAves a lot of time and energy. Also- the "Learning Tower" is one of the best things we were given- Esme is at a perfect age for it. You should ask for it for Christmas!

  3. I love the idea of getting her to sleep ways like you suggest and trust me they do work...we try them. The only problem with Esme is that once she's asleep you CANNOT and I do mean that CANNOT move her or she wakes up 98.9% of the time. We keep trying in hopes that maybe this time she'll stay asleep...I would prefer her to not cry but...thankfully it usually lasts 45secs-5min at the very most. she just has to learn that sleep is a necessity she doesn't want to miss ANYTHING! not like anyone else I know so I can't imagine where she got it :)