Saturday, December 26, 2009


Esme has been coming up with some amazing statements lately.
I had to take a moment to share some of my favorites:

"When I was little" she spent all day yesterday saying...when you were little what we kept asking stifling our giggles...
"when I was little I used to cuddle" she finally said

Last night as Andrew put pajamas on an exhausted Esme:
"what the hell is going on here?"

"You would say no Mama"

"This is my pretty necklace, I will be gentle, I will not touch it" " I will not let Jesus touch it"

While standing at the door with her dress up suitcase packed:
Andrew: "where are you going Esme?"
Esme: "I'm going on a date"
Andrew: "where are you going on your date?"
Esme: "We're going for pizza"
Jennye: "Who are you going on your date with?"
Esme: "Elli"
Yaya: "Are you sure you only want pizza? What about ice cream?"
Esme: As her eyes light up and almost pop out of her head "Ice cream, ice cream, we will have pizza and ice cream."
Andrew: Why are you taking that bag? are you staying all night with Elli?"
Esme: "yes"
Andrew then called the nunnery :)

During the procession at midnight mass
"Look mama baby Jesus is sleeping in his big girl bed"

Esme has been singing two songs that make me giggle.
She is very fond of the Itsy Ditsy spider and Little Bunty Foo Foo who in her version is chastised by the 'blue fairy'.

More to come I'm sure.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Just wait til Jesus starts wearing his big boy underpants!
    Thanks for these sweet postings-
    Love, G. B.

    ps! The "secret word" that will allow me to post this comment is "waggl" ! Really!