Thursday, July 30, 2009

a purse and a big ball of pot-pot

Here are a few more pictures from our time in Grand Marais...and a few more stories to accompany them.

One of Esme's favorite things about Babka's house is the Meow Meow (pronounced more like wow wow but with an "m") Willa...Esme chases her all over the house, under chairs, behind couches, the whole time chanting "hold, hold, hold" this picture is one of the rare times I convinced Esme to sit properly and hold Willa in her lap. A successful venture for all as Esme especially loves it when Willa "kicks" her tail as she pets her.

Esme and Dada strolling the metropolis of Grand Marais

We visited the family farm where Babka and Nana Coo get their milk and butter and are the pigs.
And here's Esme very sure she has no desire to touch the pigs

I think this next picture is one of my favorite. It's important to the story to know, if you don't already, that Esme calls poop "pot-pot" this was her own invention and she sticks with it!
Also, while we've been on vacation Esme has started pronouncing words fully and putting 2-3 words together more often than not. One of her favorite things is to add "big" before everything.
Babka and Nana Coo are faithful composters and have been trying this new (to me anyway) method that involves putting all of their organic material in a big plastic ball that they can then move around their yard to facilitate the breakdown of everything inside.
One day Babka, Esme and Auntie Shooz (Susannah) went out to put the compost into the ball...spying it from across the yard Esme immediately called out "Big Ball"...yes it sure is. As soon as they opened the big ball, something none of Esme's balls do, she got very excited and peeked right inside. Upon spying, and more importantly smelling, the brown decompsing matter inside Esme looked up at her Auntie Shooz and said quizzically pot-pot? I guess so she sure does look like pot-pot.
We've since established that it is very silly that Babka and Nana Coo keep a big ball of pot-pot in their front yard...but to each her own right?
And here in the distance you can see the big ball of pot-pot

Our little Scandahoovian trying on hats at the Duluth Pack store in, well, Duluth :)

Most importantly Esme with her new purse...
brought to you By Auntie Shooz and Uncle Chris.
Esme loves her purse as she can perfectly carry her cell phone, keys and little baby
everywhere she goes, she never leaves home without it!


  1. What a cute kid!!!

  2. what a trip! and yes, that's a pun. i love esme in the hat. she is such a cutie!
    let's talk soon.